Tuesday, June 29, 2010

2PM - Don't Stop Can't Stop lyrics

i personally really like this song..
its a constructive songs..
i think this song is the best song for you to listen to if you had a really bad day or when you are facing a rough situation and you need to get hold of your self..
some of the words here really touch me and i've highlight some of it..*^^*
(my blog actually playing this song^^)
here are the lyric:-
Yo! Here we are once again!
Stronger than ever!

This is Nickhun
Woo Young
Jun Ho
Jun Su right here
Chan Sung
And this is Taec
And we’re 2PM
And we’re never going down

One by one my scars acumulate
The fear in my heart only grows
I can finally see the top
but my body slowly starts to fail

I grit my teeth;
I worked too hard to get here,
I can’t crumble now,
Even if you rip at me, I’ll just smile
Keeping the scars hidden deeply in my heart
Let’s go

I can’t give up now
(I can’t give up)
My footsteps can’t disappear now
If I can’t stand up I’ll fall
(I can’t fall down)
I don’t ever want to go back to the beginning

I can never break down
It’s too late for me to fall
So we don’t stop (2)
We can’t stop (P)
Until we reach the top (M)

This chance will never come again
I don’t ever want to lose it
So we don’t stop (2)
We can’t stop (P)
Until we reach the top (M)

You wanna see me fall right?
Like a candle on a windy night,
Yeah right
Just watch me do this
Take a breath hold tight
I’m never going down without a fight,

You can cut me but you can’t get through me
No amount of scars will kills me
So no matter how many tears well up
I will never be shaken
Even if I’m dying I’ll never let my enemies know.

Even if I feel like I can’t hold on
(I can’t give up)
Even if I feel like I can’t keep up
If I can’t hold my own I’ll fall down
(I can’t hall down)
I don’t ever want to go back to the beginning

I can never break down
It’s too late for me to fall
So we don’t stop (2)
We can’t stop (P)
Until we reach the top (M)

This chance will never come again
I don’t ever want to lose it
So we don’t stop (2)
We can’t stop (P)
Until we reach the top (M)

(Pain) Gather the pain
(Fear) Gather my fears
Memories of my broken heart
Gather all the times I struggled in heartbreak
Burn, Let it burn
Burn, Let it burn
It’s burning inside of me flame, flame
Cause I got one shot to the top uh

I can never break down
It’s too late for me to fall
So we don’t stop (2)
We can’t stop (P)
Until we reach the top (M)

This chance will never come again
I don’t ever want to lose it
So we don’t stop (2)
We can’t stop (P)
Until we reach the top (M)


Sunday, June 27, 2010


Date>> Saturday (26/6/2010)
Venue> Sunway pyramid
Xtivitys> Archery, shopping, lunch, chit-chat + gossiping ^_^
Besties> Miera, Mamal, Nana, Zaria & me (ela n ila xbley dtg lak..cedey T_T)

at first, nk maen bowling tp ade tournament lak...nk maen ice skating ade pertandingan plk...hmmm
so kebetulan nmpk ade kedai archery kat c2..ape lg..da xde bnde laen nk wt lg da...tibai je la...shot je la arrow tue..heee^^
tp okay la..sonok gk main memanah nie..lg2 ngn dngn kwn2 ku y havoc tue..tmpt achery tue mcm ktorg y pnyr..meriah!!hehehe..tue y best tue..XD
pemain y hebat ari tue adelah zaria~~~yeah *clap*clap*clap* ..tp xde adiah la =P..
xsangke zaria ade bakat tependam dlm archery nie eh..huhuhu

then, ktorg shopping smbil borak3 n ketawa3 smpi kebulur..hehehe.. ape lg mse tok mkn la..
first tyme mkn kat Fig & Olive restoran..mskan ala2 arab g2..ade unsur2 greece skit...
hehe..puas la mkn..sedap~ *burp* alhamdulillah..hehe^^

jln pnyr jln da ptg da...da nk blk da..huhu
pasnie lg lame la kte sume nk jmpe lg..hmmm...
xpe la asal kn kte still bestie forever kn?..heee..smpi ke anak cucu pn yea.. n_n
(n thanks kat miera utk present y cumey tue yea) 
see u guys nxt holiday break okey..lurf ya..*muah* ~~♥

 >>kpd miera, mamal, zaria n nana..nie je gmba y ade kat hp ak..huhu..<<
>>MAMAL..ble nk upload pic kami??? huhu<<

Friday, June 25, 2010

my music playlist~~♥

wondering what kind of music do i listen to this 2010???
here are the sneak peek...hee^^

  • SNSD - Oh!
  • SNSD - Run Devil Run
  • 2NE1 - Try To Follow ME
  • Bi (Rain) - Love Song
  • Lee Hyori - Chitty Chitty Bang Bang
  • 2PM - Without You
  • 2PM ft Yoon Eun Hye - Tik Tok
  • Super Junior - Bonamana
  • CN Blue - I'm a Loner
  • CN Blue - Love
  • 2PM + SNSD - Cabi Song
  • Kara - Lupin
  • 4minute - HUH
  • f(x) - Nu Abo
  • SS501 - Love Ya
  • Wonder Girls - 2 Different Tears 

yeah, i know..sume nyr lgu korea..hehe -^^-
nie la lgu y ana dngr again & again & again &...again...

why am i crazy over korean song???
firstly, their dance performance are superb. its unique, sharp, SEXY, CUTE , HOT, versatile, cheeky, etc..
secondly, their MV are brilliant!!!... i must say..korean ppl have great talent in making fantastic MV..
tumbs up for those who work behind the scene..great job! *clap*clap* clap* ^_^
thirdly, they have great live performance show..
you know, in korea they have music show like Music Bank, M! Countdown and Inkigayo every week..
thus, for every single week i've watch my idols perform..
and they never let me down instead they amaze me more..hee^^
fourthly, they are soooooo CUTE & HOT.soo hansom, soo hot..
just by looking at their cute faces, its already enough to make me smile stupidly and make my heart skip haaaa*drooling* (*--,*)...(only true for males okay)
don't you agree that most korean singers (males) have baby faces or cute faces??? 
although they actually have masculine body..(muscle, body pack) wooowwww~~~~
as for their females singers, they also have great body..really slim^^... but what i like most is their skin..
they totally have beautiful and gorgeous skin..did you notice that??? o_O
from what i heard, in korea they have many dermatology beauty shop...
i guess thats why they have great skin..
fifthly, somehow i didn't grow tired of korean song..u know y?? because its in korean language..i barely understand whats the lyrics was..huhu =_=!
its true u know..i listen to english songs often, but when i listen to 1 particular song over n over n over again, i will memories their lyrics until i've grow tired of it..
eventually, the song didn't excite me anymore unlike korean songs..
if you look at my music playlist in my laptop... i updated my korean songs folder more often than others songs..hmmm =S  

five reasons for now..hehe..if i have another reason that not include in here..i'll update it later..
 i've wonder whats on your music playlist this 2010??? 
that all for now..
again, excuse me for my bad english n tq for reading..
(already tired of typing) ^_^

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

what is this feeling? is it guilty or lucky?? o_O

this is suppose to be a secret..but..not anymore i guess...heee^^..

okey the story is about things that happen when i went to supermarket to buy my usual stuff..
after choosing my stuff, as usual i went to the cashier to paid for it and watch what every single cashier always do..which is take your things then scan the bar code until u hear the beep sound then put your things into plastic beg right?..
but what happen to me was, the cashier took my things, scan it, i hear the beep sound but.. 
it didn't  appear at the screen, i mean the price didn't included in my bill...and i was there standing in front of the cashier watching it but i just stood still and kept quiet (actually, i kind of blur at that moment, i was thinking "eh btol ke die x tag brg nie"..then i check my bill, the price is not there) ...when i was half way from the cashier, i hesitated...
should i turn back to the counter, be honest and tell the cashier the truth or...walk away since its not my fault, i went to the cashier to paid for it right, its not like I'm stealing it...hmmm
guess what i did???
after having massive argument in my mind, i choose to walk away..i consider my self as lucky...hahaha ^_^*satisfied face*
another reason why i didn't turn back is because the things that i buy is actually an underwear..I'm so embarrass and I'm alone at that time so i don't want to go back to the cashier..  
(it happen at jusco tmn u at skudai, jb)

why am i actually telling this story? because i somehow amaze that this could happen to me again..
this time i'm not alone..my mother n i wanted to buy tumbler jug as a present..and we found 1..
its similar case but a little bit different..at the cashier counter, the cashier couldn't scan the bar code on the tumbler box, maybe because the of the box, it makes it hard for the machine to read it, plus the tumbler didn't have a price tag on it, it only have bar code...so the cashier try it again and again, gladly we heard the beep sound at last..
but...to our surprise, the price showed on the screen is RM9.90... 
huh! does it make sense to you? it cheap, the normal price for the tumbler is around RM40-50 right?... 
then my mother asked the the cashier "brape harge tumbler nie dik?" the cashier said "RM9.90 kak" my mother didn't respond and just paid the bill..
then when we walk not far from the counter, i check the bill,..there is no price for the tumbler.. RM9.90 is actually the price for my father stockings.....when i told my mother, she said "laa..patot la mak pelik harga die murah" we just laugh it out but we didn't return it back..hahaha.. 
(it happen at giant, cheras)

similar things happen today..the different is i didn't get it for absolutely free...hahaha...
you know how messy stationary store could be sometimes right?... the papers, fails, boxes, etc, are not well organize and not in it places sometimes..i sure you have seen it.. 
new semester starting soon..so i wanna buy fail for my notes...okey at the fail rack,... they already pack 6 fail in one package...so i stood there for a while searching the colour n design i wanna pick..than i saw these package that have 12 fail in it with the same price and same design although the package seem a bit crumpled than others..then i search again n i found another package, 12 fail in it with the same price and design but in different colour... i squat while thinking which 1 should i choose...
5 minute later..i went to the counter and paid RM8.85 for 12 fail...hahaha..^_^
thinking back...I'm sure that the price for 1 package containing 6 fail is RM 8.85 but somehow there are 2 lost package that have same price but contain 12 fail in it....lucky~~~
(it happen at jusco, cheras)

i think i'm kind of lucky to actually have things that i do not have to paid for..u know what i mean right.hee^^ i don't feel guilty though...hehehe *peace* V(^_^)V

have u ever undergo this situation b4??

>>> so sorry..my english is not really good..especially my grammar..and TQ for reading it <<<

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

bUlan rEjaB

puasa yok...^_^
yess..ari ni da msk 2 ari ana bepuasa dlm bulan rejab nie..
esk xmo pose..ari kamis nnt insyaAllah puase blk..hee^^

mknan tok ana berbuka ana msk tau..hahaha..
tp mskan org bujang jew...mskan y senang di masak..
menu nye sayur kacang, sardin, scramble egg..
mmg masakn org bujang y malas..huhuhu

(hidden fact = i'm not really a good cook, but still love to do so....for my future husband..hee♥)
some say that the best way to tackle ur husband/boyfriend is through his stomach..^_^
so practice2x..hahaha

Sunday, June 20, 2010


br sbln + 3 hari ana pki myvi WTW 5756 pas2 td nmpk kte num plat nyr WUA 9XXX...
whoaaaa..mksdnyr dlm tempoh kurg dr 2mggu huruf num plat tue akan betukar..hmm
punyr la bnyk kenderaan bemotor kat kl nie..num plat W la y pling laku nih..huhu..^^

td kuar g jln tar [ana drive (^_^)V]...dpt la bli 6 pasang tudung syiria..4 tok ana, 2 tok mak..
tp xsuke la..ade 2 psg tdung syiria (wane itam n pink) y ana bli tue ketat sgt..cm xley pki jew (tue la sblum beli td xmo test)..uhuhuu T.T

mule ingt nk g sogo..tp xjd~ sbb da pnt pusing2 kat jln tar tue...kaki da lengguh..so blk trus jew..
but odw blk tue singgah carefure jap bli brg2 dapur..sempat la ana g beli rojak (a.k.a pak sembur)
seriously rojak tue sgt sedap..sgt2 sedap..rugi ana bli 1 je..huhu..
(sbnarnye da kebulur sgt sbb jln2 td tue y xcukup tue..uhuhu)
tp da smpi umah tyme mkn rojak tue so xde la nk patah blk kn..huhu..

smpi umah cm base la..on9~~
korean entertainment today is

watch We Got Married (SNSD, Seohyun ♥ CN Blue, Yonghwa) 
seohyun and yonghwa truly a cute couple..so many cute couple in WGM...
cant wait to watch Nichkhun + Victoria on 26jun later..*excited* ^_^

currently listening to 4minute - HUH & CN Blue - Love...
haiiiiiiyaaa..bile la 2NE1 nk wt comeback nie?? xsaba nk tgk performance dorg nie..hmmm =_=

THE END  >>zzZZzZzz *sleeping*

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Yuna - Cinta Sempurna lyrics

Aku manusia lemah selalu terjatuh
Berbeda aku dari mu
Kau berdiri teguh
Aku serba tiada aku kekurangan
Dan bila kau tiba aku hilang dari kewujudan

Sempurnanya sifatmu tulusnya hatimu
Jujurnya niatmu
Tingginya kesabaranmu
Lepaskanlah diriku
Kerna aku tak mampu tuk menanggung sebuah cinta sempurna

Bukan aku tak pernah mengerti dirimu
Kusanjung setiap kata cinta kau berikan aku
Hilangkan rasa itu akhirkan semua
Dan bila kau sedar aku hilang dari kewujudan.. Oooo

Sempurnanya sifatmu tulusnya hatimu
Jujurnya niatmu
Tingginya kesabaranmu
Lepaskanlah diriku
Kerna aku tak mampu tuk menanggung sebuah cinta sempurna

Cinta Sempurna

x saba nk shopping + ronggeng

dah lameee ana x wt keje2 nie (shopping+ronggeng) 
abes final jek elok smpi umah da kene pnggil jd ckgu gnti...
mmg bzy..xkuar shopping pn..T_T  
da abes ngajar..abah msk hosp..
smggu kene dok kat HUKM..tersekse ak tgk abh ak kat hosp..
tp alhamdulillah abah da sehat smula..^_^
weekend mmg sebuk ngn kenduri kawen sdare mare..
so weekend mmg xkuar shopping pn..=_=

nie y menyebab kn ana xsaba nk shopping nie..
ble sale xdpt nk pegi pn..stakat pndng jew..cedey!
so mggu dpn ana kuar rabu n sabtu beronggeng besame BESTIE
weekend mau kuar ngn famly g shopping..
scara details lg nk shopping kat jln TAR n SOGO...(^_^)V

sementara cuti masih ade nie..
elok la kte guna kn nyr dngn mng'enjoy'kn dri..heee^^

windu gk nk ronggeng ngn BESTIE kat utm tue
cepat la bln 7~~

nantikan update sy..

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

✿ My Family ✿

"When you look at your life, the greatest happinesses are family happinesses."
...this is my beloved family...

king of the house, 
...Noramat Bin Abd Rahman...

queen of the house, 
...Salabiyah Bt Hashim...

prince of the house, 
...Mohd Noor Ariff Bin Noramat...

princess of the house, 
...Noor Farhana Bt Noramat...

...just me n my beloved mother...

Friday, June 11, 2010

Serat Menentang Penyakit Jantung!!!

 Serat ialah sejenis karbohidrat yang terdapat dalam kekacang, bijirin, ubi, buah-buahan dan sayur-sayuran. Ia membantu mencegah sembelit dan menyingkirkan sisa-sisa toksik daripada badan anda. Ia juga mencegah penyakit jantung, suatu penyakit yang bermula pada umur anda.

Tahukah anda bahawa penyakit jantung boleh bermula pada umur anda? Mengambil terlalu banyak lemak, terlalu sedikit serat, merokok dan tidak bersenam semua ini boleh menyebabkan saluran darah ke jantung anda tersumbat ! Proses ini berlaku dengan lambat dan anda tidak akan menyedarinya sehingga anda diserang sakit jantung beberapa tahun kemudian.

Makan banyak serat boleh membantu menjaga saluran darah yang sihat dan mengelakkan daripada tersumbat. Anda juga mesti menjaga berat badan yang sihat, jangan merokok dan mengamalkan cara hidup yang cergas.


Tiada Sarapan Pagi
Bangun pagi-pagi�terpaksa tergesa-gesa ke sekolah pula! Anda mungkin ingin tidur beberapa minit lagi, tetapi jangan lupa makan sarapan pagi!
Dengan bersarapan pagi, anda boleh melangkah ke kelas dengan penuh semangat. Sarapan pagi ialah hidangan pertama yang memulakan hari anda dengan tenaga dan zat-zat penting. Tanpa sarapan pagi, anda mungkin kabur sepanjang hari.

Enggan Makan?
Adakah anda sering enggan makan kerana berasa penat, cuba mengurangkan berat badan atau tiada selera untuk makan?
Uh-oh, itu tanda yang buruk. Badan anda akan terjejas jika anda selalu enggan makan. Anda akan berasa kurang bertenaga untuk berfikir, belajar dan bergiat aktif, dan anda tidak akan mendapat nutrien-nutrien yang boleh membantu badan anda membesar dan berfungsi dengan baik. Dan jangan sekali-kali fikir bahawa ini adalah cara yang baik untuk mengurangkan berat badan! Anda akan berasa sangat lapar kerana tidak makan untuk satu sajian, dan mungkin akan makan lebih banyak untuk sajian berikutnya. Berat badan anda akan bertambah lebih banyak.

Gemarkan Makanan Segera
Anda gemar melepak di restoran makanan segera, kan? Berhati-hati dengan apa yang anda makan di sana! Terdapat sesetengah makanan segera yang berlemak tinggi, tapi kurang zat karbohidrat dan serat. Terlalu banyak makanan jenis ini boleh menjejaskan kesihatan anda.
Ia boleh menyebabkan anda berlebihan berat badan, atau obes. Ini mungkin boleh mengakibatkan penyakit merbahaya seperti sakit jantung, strok, tekanan darah tinggi atau diabetes apabila anda meningkat usia. Penyakit-penyakit seperti ini akan menghancurkan segala peluang anda untuk menikmati kehidupan yang panjang dan sihat.

Ketagih Snek
Adakah anda selalu makan snek apabila melepak dengan kawan-kawan, atau apabila menonton televisyen?
Tabiat seperti ini mungkin menimbulkan pelbagai masalah. Pertama sekali, anda mungkin terlalu kenyang (setelah memakan snek-snek tersebut) hingga tidak dapat makan tengahari atau makan malam yang sempurna.
Kedua, ada sesetengah snek yang terlalu masin (seperti keropok dan kentang goreng), terlalu manis (seperti jeruk dan lolipop) atau terlalu banyak krim atau lemak (seperti kek). Snek-snek seperti ini mempunyai kandungan kalori yang sangat tinggi tetapi kandungan nutriennya sangat rendah. Jadi, terlalu banyak snek-snek tersebut boleh membesarkan saiz pinggang anda dan membawa petanda B-U-R-U-K untuk kesihatan anda.

Memilih Makanan Manis
Gula-gula, coklat, aiskrim - wahlau, seronoknya! Tetapi anda perlu menjaga berapa banyak yang anda makan, kerana terlalu banyak makanan manis seperti ini boleh menjejaskan kesihatan anda. Makanan manis terdiri daripada gula ringkas, jadi ia mudah menyebabkan berat badan anda meningkat. Snek manis dan bergula juga boleh merosakkan gigi anda. Bayangkan diri anda dengan lubang-lubang dalam gigi anda!

Makan Lewat Malam
Mesti makan lewat malam sebelum tidur ? Ini tabiat yang kurang baik. Makan lewat malam bererti anda mendapat banyak tenaga daripada makanan itu, tetapi anda tidak menggunakan tenaga tersebut. Apa yang akan terjadi seterusnya ? Tenaga dari makanan itu akan disimpan dalam badan anda sebagai lemak!

>>>taken from http://www.nutriweb.org.my/nutriteen/bahasa/caramakan.shtml credit goes to them..

CN BLUE - I'm a loner lyrics

외톨이야 /I'm a Loner/Alone

(I'm a loner. I'm a loner.
I'm a loner. I'm a loner.)

Look, look at me, me. Look at me straight in the eyes.
Look, you are already look at elsewhere.
Check it one two three, you only keep looking at the clock.
You don't have to tell me. I know you got someone else.

You've been meeting someone else often lately.
You don't even call me first anymore.
When you are with me, you would only look at the sky even if a day is a second long.
Oh~ I know your mind. The distance between you and I.
Getting farther and wider. We are no better than strangers.

oh baby I'm a loner, I'm a loner. daridiridara du~ I'm a loner. I'm a loner. daridiridara du~
I'm a loner, I'm a loner. I'm a loner being sad at love, shedding tear at love. sad sad sad sad sad sad sad tonight. My hurt hurts.
Oh no no no no no body knows, how I feel.
one two three four five six seven night, I'm cheering up myself passing many nights awake.

If you had just told me honestly
that you got someone else. That you hate me.
Then I wouldn't have hated you to death.
check it one two three. Remembering your words, they are all silly lies.

Love is going. Love is leaving.
(One person and one love. Everything that I've been used to)
I should erase you after tonight.
(Yes, I should force myself to erase you. I should do so since you abandoned me)
(Gone Gone my love is gone)

I'm a loner, I'm a loner. daridiridara du~ I'm a loner, I'm a loner. daridiridara du~
I'm a loner, I'm a loner. I'm a loner hurt by love and waiting for love.
sad sad sad sad sad sad sad tonight, I want this to be a dream.
Oh no no no no no body knows, no body knows me.
one two three four five six seven night, I'm crying passing many nights awake.

Thursday, June 10, 2010


C.N BLUE debut jan2010..i'm aloner nie lgu debut dorg..
i'm already addicted to diz song..i think its a cool band..
cube korg dngr band nie..best x lgu die??? tell me wat u thing ok...^^

Me as Cikgu Farhana ♥ ♥ ♥

xpenah tepikir pn jd ckgu nie..tibe2 bleh dpt plk kn..tp alhamdulillah, ana dpt pngalaman y berharga^^..
diz things happen when i tell my mak 'i want to work diz semester break'..ana ingt nk keje base2 je..cm keje promoter kat jusco umah ana nie.tp da rezki dpt jd cikgu..huhu
jd ckgu nie best gk sbnrnye..tp still penat n tension tue mmg ade..huhu..penat n tension bila nk kwl bdk2 y nakal n xmau dngr ckp tp best ble bdk2 dtg kat kte n syg kt kte..^_^

Sambil menyelam kite minum la air~~~~dlm tmpoh jd ckgu nie ana dpt la gk mahir kn bwk kete..bkn nyr ana xde lesen tp da 3 taun xbwk kete..penah bwk pn boleh kire bape kali dlm 3 taun tue ana bwk..huhu..so evry moning ana bwk kete g shah alam then blk umah abah la y bwk sbb jam..huhu..so skng nie da okey la bwk kete tp still gelabah bile nmpk ade lori n moto..hmmmm T_T..cmne nk bwk kete g blk joho nie????

>>Cikgu Farhana mngajar di sek keb bukit naga slama 2 bln utk mngantikn Cikgu Fazlina y cuti bersalin bermula akhir bln april hngga awl bln jun.Dia mngajar subjek bahasa melayu, matematik dan pend. seni tahun 2 kelas 2G dan 2k...

Me as Cikgu Farhana ♥ eye candy ♥

~Keteku y comey~

ofcouse la its not mine..but my parents bought it for me, so kete y comey nie dlm ma responsibility la skng..^_^
kene jage baek punye..xmo calar, xmo kemek, xmo kotor2..maklum la kete baru kn..heee~

>>the date that i got my car--> 18/5/2010 (selase)
>>bru 4 hari pki kete nih, da smpi 1000 mileage..so ari jumaat tue(21/5/2010) da g service kete..hua3~
>>mane xsampi 1000 cepat sgt klu da 1st day dpt tue trus bwk g perak..hahaha..

THANK YOU MAK&ABAH for my cute car..i'll promise to take gooooood care of it (^_^)V

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

eye candy^^

SeLamAt mAlam - FaizAL TahiR

Biarkan berlalu
Semua kepedihanmu
Lelapkan matamu
Biarkan mimpi membawamu
Ke mana kau mahu

Selamat malam
Tidurlah sayangku
Siang kan tiba bercahaya
Bermula baru semua untukmu

Biarkan berlabuh
tirai kisah semalam
Yang indah itu ada padamu
Dengan setiap impian dan harapan

Selamat malam
Tidurlah sayangku
Siangkan tiba bercahaya
Bermula baru semua untukmu

Kan ku menjadi arjuna dalam mimpi-mimpimu
Kan ku panah tepat ke jiwamu atas nama cintaku
Pari-pari ku utus bawa kau ke sini lagi
Terhapus semua air mata dengan senyuman

Selamat malam sayang
Selamat malam kasih
Selamat malam sayang

Selamat malam sayang
Selamat malam kasih
Selamat malam sayang

Tidurlah sayangku
Siangkan tiba bercahaya
Bermula baru semua untukmu

Selamat malam
Tidurlah sayangku

Tuesday, June 8, 2010


finally..i decided to make my own blog..so diz is it..
mmmm..actually, i still hasn't decide what i will be posting on diz blog..
i love Korean stuff (drama, movie, song, style, etc..)..love most of the korean artist, in fact i know many name of korean singers/actors/bands than malaysians artists..huhu..
well..juz some of it laa..i'm not really good at memorizing names (but i definitely will remember the HOT HOT HOT + CUTE korean artist..lol)...
"the story of my life"