Monday, December 31, 2012

My Follow Up Stories :)

Wow. Its been over 5 months after the last post.
Sorry. I know last time I said I'll write in time to time.
But...sorry, can't help it la kan. Takde masa. ahaks :P
(Bajet macam ada org je baca blog aku nie. hahaha)

So to pay back the time lost, I mean, the stories that are missed here.
This post will be My Follow Up Stories. Its gonna be a long one you know. :)

Guess what? currently I'm updating by blog from my office! Yes my office! :D
Well, Its not mine laa ofcourse. Its my boss. I only work here. Kite kuli jew. :(
Currently working at United Perunding & Associates in Jalan Kuchai Lama, KL.
(Alaaa its just a small company only. Tanya Mr.Google pun dia pun tak tahu banyak psl company nie except for the address. haha)

I started on July 26, 2012 until today. 5 month plus already.
Honestly, I still can't believe I'm an engineer now.
Deep deep down, I feel I'm still lacking in many ways.
So, for the time being I just assume myself as an assistance engineer. :)
(Bole gitu? layan kan aje la :P)

Working life is hard yet somehow fun, u'll feel pressure but a different kind of pressure compare to student life. You carry bigger responsibilities, trust and image. For me, working in consulting line is a good start in developing my career path. Working here I definitely used my knowledge from university, so I'm glad I have a background on it. Still have a lots to learn and improve though. But for starter and gaining experiences, Alhamdulillah. In spite of all the imperfection, syukur I'm here. :)

What I love about my job? is my boss. Jeng3. Its only because he's kind. Boss aku nie mmg tak kedekut ilmu, in term of, bila aku tanya pape die akan bgtau la, sume dia akan citer. in other term, hardcopy materials die susah skit nak bagi, mestilah, thats his treasure and he treasure it well. Thats why I can still cope with this company, because I came here to gain knowledge and I know he can teach me with out many difficulties.

What makes me wanna resign? I'm sorry to say this but sometimes I do feel like quitting. Not that I give up. No. Just that, the working environment and the work load is really challenging me. Working environment memang tak tahan, sebab boss and perkerja sume majoriti cina. Jadi susah skit la bab makan and comunication. Masalah comunication ni pun sebab mostly client & contractor pun dorg amik cina gak, so, most of the time dorg ckp cina antara dorg, so susah la aku nk paham dorg ckp keje dalam bahasa cina kan. (ada jugak fikir nak belaja bahasa cina, tapi tunggu masa and bajet lebih dulu.)
Makan pulak, haa aku bersyukur jugak la boss aku ni memahani, aku nak solat pun takde masalah tapi nak makan kene pegi jauh, sebab office kawasan cina makanan melayu memang takde, kene pegi jauh. Hari hari macam ni memang hurmmmmmm.

As for the work load, malas nak comment sangat pasal benda nie. Sebabnya bila dah berkerjaya memang pasti akan memikul bebanan kerja yang tersendiri. Semua orang pun macam gitu jugak kan. And now, I'm in the learning process to cope with my work load.
Thats my work challenge I guess. :)

My Business card!

Sebulan kerja, dapat my first business card! Alhamdulillah. :)

*This post actually have been published on december 2012. Somehow ada error and the few last words of this post have been missing. So I don't exactly remember what I've wrote and I can't write it back. Sorry.* 
"the story of my life"