Saturday, July 17, 2010

3rd year already!!!

time flies so fast~~~
i'm in the 3rd year already?! urghh...i feel OLD!...hahaha...
today, da cukup la smggu ana kat utm nie...huhu..
dlm smggu nie duet flow mcm air, bwk kete ari2 tp parking x pass2 lg,..bile msk klas, ade lect. ajar cepat gler (kelam kabut actually) menyebab kn ana mnjadi lampi then ade lect. ajar slow gler (with a lullaby voice) menyebab kn ana sentiasa beada di alam fantasi....=_=!
haaaish...mslah btol~~~
next thursday ade review test for power fundamental subjek then a week after that ade 1st micro-P quiz...
mls nyr nk study!!! ble mood study nk dtg nie??? aiyooooo...S.O.S plez!

da tgk twilight da??? last sunday ktorg g tgk, BEST sgt2 cter 2....jacob mmg ensem giler tp ttp xbley kalah kn my edward! edward ttp di hati ku (konon2 nyr ana nie bella la kn)..hahaha =P

as for my korean entertaiment..this time i wanna share with u guys this weird MV (unique la kot)..
>> Narsha(brown eyed girls) - Bbi Ri Bop A <<
>>link nie sme ngn MV kat bwh nie...enjoy<<


Narsha (Brown Eyed Girls) - BBI-RI-BOP-A (삐리빠빠) [1080p HD]

Monday, July 12, 2010

Al-Fatihah utk Opah ku...tq~

opah ana meninggal dunia pkl 9mlm smlm...(ahad-11/7/2010)
kerana sakit tua..diminta kpada sume y membaca blog ana nie mensedekah kan al-fatihah buat opah ku..
terima kasih~~~♥

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Super Junior - No Other

ஐ nEw cHaPter εїз

since the semester break is over and the fifth semester will start on July 12, 2010...
it's time to open a new chapter in my life... >.<
i'll assure you that this chapter will also have plenty of unforgettable memories.. 
how can i be so sure??.."well, from my previous experience.." - this is what prof. dr. norazan always said in emt class..oohhh, i miss him...hahahah =P

my resolution for the new semester..
this year i'm going to be 21 years old, 
still early to get married and too old for anime & manga..
♦ i'm going to study even harder to pursue my goal,
♦ i'm going to stay healthy,
♦ be more active (sport or exercise)
♦ make zillions of wonderful and unforgettable memories, must be more than last semester..^_^

this semester will be a new challenge for me, 
somehow i can predict it,
i have to be prepared.. mentally and physically,
better be prepared than sorry right?
i just can't wait to meet all my friend again...hee^^ 

Let the journey begins~~~♥

Saturday, July 3, 2010

::streamyx vs celcom broadband::

masalah besar bg ana bile streamyx kat umah nie xley pki..
sama ade line problem or modem y problem..slalu nyr modem la y bnyk mslah..
aduh mmg LECEH..ari nie streamyx wat hal..actually TM tgh psg line tefon n internet y bru..
so tmn nie nie mmg xde klu xde line tok 2, 3 jam tue xpe lg..
nie smpi ke mlm nie, ape cer bro???  =S  haish *sigh*

kamu sume nk kate ana nie xsabar eh??
korg nk kate klu stakat shari dua nie klu xde streamyx xkn mati nyr kn???
haaaa jwpn ana: mmg ana xbley saba n mmg la ana xmati klu xde internet nie..
tp klu shari ana xon9,
ana nie di ibarat kn seperti "anak ayam kehilang ibu nyr"
spt "cacing kepanasan" spt "rusuk hati" dan mane2 lg peribahasa/simpulan bahasa y sewaktu dngn nyr la..
My Life Become lifeless When There Is No Internet Around ME! - yeah..this is how i describe it..

ape la y ana obses sgt ngn internet nie kn??
laman web ape y ana visit smpi klu shari xon9 tue menjadikan "my life is lifeless"???
well, the website that i MUST visit evryday is :  (the top 4 is a MUST visit every hours!)
  1. Facebook
  2. Blogger
  3. Kpop news
  4. Manga
  5. Anime
  6. Mysoju
  7. Dramacrazy
  8. D-addicts
  9. Youtube and google..huhu XD
pape pun, dont worry be happy, syukur wlupn xde streamyx tp broadband msh ade..huhu^^
wlupn kelajuan streamyx seperti arnab & kelajuan brdbd spt kura-kura (klu lumba lari cnfrm arnab a.k.a streamyx y akan menang) *sob*sob*sob* T_T
y pnting internet ade~~♥
THE END >>cepat la okay streamyx nie, nk tgk cter korea on9 =.=<<

Thursday, July 1, 2010

o gosh i gotta find a Korean boyfriend.. T.T

 arghhhh..i'm going crazy over Korean boys!!!! specifically, i'm crazy over 

1) kim hyun joong(SS501),

 2) lee minho(BBF),

3) nichkhun(2PM), 

4) yonghwa(CN Blue),

5) taecyeon(2PM),

6) chansung(2PM),

7) kim bum(BBF), 

8) jinwoon(2AM), 

9) minho(shinee), 

10) siwon(suju), 

11) lee teuk(suju), 

12) lee dong wook(my girl), 

13) g-dragon(big bang), 

14) taeyang(big bang), 

15) jae joong(DBSK), 

16) yunho(DBSK),

17) bi (rain),

18) min hyuk(CN Blue), 

19) lee hong ki(FT Island),

20) jang geun suk(you're beautiful)

haaaa~~~...i wish 1 of them are my boyfriend..(*_*)"teary eyes"
when will my wish can come true??? aigoo~~

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