Thursday, June 20, 2013

No title.

Tetiba sangat rasa mcm nak update blog. Heh. So now I'm typing writing randomly with no topic nor title. :)


Kat office skng nie. Bukan nya takde keje tapi keje da siap, sementara nk tggu keje baru, online sat. Haa, boleh gitu? Hihi

Seyes takde idea nak merepek psl ape. Tapi nak type jgk. Hmmm cite psl diri sendiri jelah. Senang.

Life : Pretty much the same as usual. But soon, very very soon there will be a very special event for me. *very excited for that. :D

Love : Very the lovey dovey with my loves one. Hehe. Still go out with my mom for shopping as always. Dinner with family. And date with my comot. we sees each other more frequently now, since he is here in shah alam office. hehe

Work : Same old same old routine. still have lots to learn. and it has been almost 1 year (11 months now) I really really cannot believe that I have come this far. I mean I mmg tak boleh tahan dengan environment sini. But setahun dah beb! Good Job Ana! :)

Emm tue je la kot. Will continue later! xoxo :)

Saturday, February 2, 2013



I'm back for another lovey dovey stories of my love.
Hope I'm not making you guys too sick of it just yet.
Love, this is for you.

Today is the day. The day where love begins.
Honestly its feels just like yesterday.
How time flies so fast.

*There is so much to said but I really don't know how to put my feeling into words. A lots of thought in my mind right now. But I'm stuck, my hand keep on typing and keep on backspace again and again.

Two years seems like a long time yet short.
Together we tasted the love, happiness, sadness and bitterness.
For all this time, I am thankful.
Thank you for being you and stayed with me all this time regardless of how childish and grumpy and stubborn and emotional I've been. Truthfully, I am thankful for you in my life.

I'm glad you found me. I'm glad you approached me. I'm glad its you.
Who stayed with me.
For the strength you gave me when I'm sad or in my lowest state. Thank you.
For your kindness when I'm in need. Thank you.
For the love and caring you gave me all the time. Thank you.
For your big heart which didn't stop loving me no matter how I am. Thank you.
For everything that is you. Thank you.

Its been two years since that day.
We are still the same us. But we definitely have been through some changes in our self. Well, lets just keep that between us. ;)
There is nothing I could ask for except for you, just being you, with me, forever. InsyaAllah.
I pray and hope our journey toward marriage will be eased. InshaAllah.

Our plan is still the same, to tie the knot when I'm 25 which is next year InsyaAllah. But still haven't confirm on the month or the date yet. But the clue is there. :P

*Ohh myy, next year je kot. Cepat nyr masa belalu.

We are food lovers. :D

Thats all for now. Later. 
Assalamualaikum :)

Saturday, January 19, 2013

My Follow Up Stories: Love

Its a new year! Happy New Year! *Okay, I know, new year celebration dah over lama dah. But this post is my first post in 2013. so, Happy New Year! :P

This year I'll become 24. *Old! I know, tapi still rasa macam kanak-kanak riang lagi nih.hee*
So lets cerita2 pasal orang-muda-yang-dah-tua-skit-punya-citer.
Cerita apa lagi kalau bukan pasal Chenta & Kahwin~ :P

Skarang ni, orang umur 20-an dah berkahwin, dah beristeri, bersuami, dah beranak, dah bertunang dah. Termasuk lah ramai rakan rakan sebaya aku sekarang nie. (Aku?? belum temasuk lagi. Tengah menunggu. huhu) Takdelah tekejut sangat pun kan, sebab time parents kita dulu2 pun ramai je kawin muda, ada yang belasan tahun pun da kawin. Tapi, zaman dulu ngn sekarang laen. :\ (U know what I mean kn?)

So the question is.... Am I ready?? o_O

Memang tak tipu. Aku skarang ni memang gatai sesangat nak kawin! haha :D
So 50-50 jugak la ni. ada ready, ada tak ready. Hmmm

Ready dah, sebab I have found My Soulmate, My Love. Always love him, always miss him, and always wanna be stuck like a glue to him! What I feel right now, I don't want it to be left hanging. I mean, I don't want to stay in this uncertain position forever. I want our relationship to be halal. The sooner the better. That's why I'm ready. :)

Plus, we (me&my love) have passed the first phase! Yeay!
We have family's dinners before. Twice. It's our plan actually to let both our family to meet. And it went well. Alhamdulillah. Both our parents like it and we have our parents blessing. heh :D *restu ibu bapa tue sangat penting ye. nak serious nak kawan nak kawin. bgtau parents okay. :)

The 1st dinner was at Johor Bahru. That night after our graduation day.

The 2nd dinner was at Penang. During my family vacation to Penang on christmas holiday.

Rumors said that my family might be coming to Penang again...for another family vacation there. *rumors je okay! jgn berharap sgt ye syg. :P InsyaAllah ada rezeki, ktorg dtg nyr! :D

So I have two green lights. But, I also have two red lights. :|
Which is, status kewangan & pekerjaan masih lagi belum stabil.
Duit oh duit $_$ Kerja oh kerja :|
Dua2 baru melangkah masuk dunia pekerjaan. Kerja pun belum stabil. Duit pun mesti lah belum stabil lagi. Belanja kawin mahal okay. Wedding yang biasa2 pun senang2 je bole cecah 13, 14 ribu.
That's why kadang2 aku tak mau tegok Raikan Cinta kat astro tue. It makes me feels like "bapak ah! banyak giler duit dorang nih!" hahaha okay, takde kaitan, please ignore! :P

Kalau pikir bab duit nie memang pening! memang takkan pernah cukup lah.hmmmm.dua2 taste nak tinggi je tp duit nyr takde..hak3~
Tapi, my dear don't u worry. rezeki sume datang dari Allah dan rezeki kita pun telah ditetapkan sejak kita dalam kandungan ibu kita lagi. Jadi, jangan pening pening ye. Kita usaha dan usaha dan usaha dan doa dan tawakal. :)

Firman Allah s.w.t.yang bermaksud :
“Barangsiapa yang bertakwa kepada Allah, maka Allah akan menunjukkan kepadanya jalan keluar dari kesusahan, dan diberikanNya rezeki dari jalan yang tidak disangka-sangka, dan barangsiapa yang bertawakal kepada Allah, nescaya Allah mencukupkan keperluannya.”
(Surah At-Talaq ayat 2-3)

Pape pun right now we just go slow and steady. Orang lain sume kawin tak semestinya kita pun kene kawin jugak kan. Lets take our own sweet steps. Doa dan doa dan doa agar dimurahkan rezeki dan jodoh kami di permudahkan. Amin. Sehebat hebat mana pun kita merancang Allah jua yang menentukannya. :D
InsyaAllah, plan nya masih sama, masih lagi bercita cita untuk kawin time umur 25. Lain lain details belum lagi tahu. Will Update later. So kene tunggu~ :P

That's all for now. Thx for reading. :D
Have a nice day. Assalamualaikum.

Lots of LOVE from us! :)
"the story of my life"