Sunday, November 15, 2015

Quick Recap.


Last post was Jun 2013. Wow. Lama sungguh blog ni terbiar. Sorry. Been very busy with 'real' life. Pfffttt.

So a short recap from 2013 till today Nov 2015:
1) Engage on Jun 2013. Then i was busy preparing for my wedding.
2) Got Married on 28 Nov 2014 (Nikah), 29 Nov 2014 (reception). So on 1st Dec 2014 is our pre-honeymoon at Pullman Putrajaya for 3days.
3) Right after my wedding vacation, the first day working, i submitted my resignation letter. Bye UPA.
4) On 12 Jan 2015 i have start working at PACE.
5) And on 22 Jan until 25 Jan 2015 is our honeymoon at Seoul, korea.
6) On Feb 2015, we found out i was 4 weeks pregnant. My period was late. Odd because my period was never late.
7) I have given birth to my beloved baby boy on 6 Oct 2015. Alhamdulillah. Today is my 41 days of confiment.

A very quick recap indeed. No extra story on each point. Feels like i was typing for power point presentation. Heh. Well, u dont miss much anyway. My story was mundane really. Kalau rajin saya update on details on each event. Kalau rajin.

"the story of my life"