Thursday, June 20, 2013

No title.

Tetiba sangat rasa mcm nak update blog. Heh. So now I'm typing writing randomly with no topic nor title. :)


Kat office skng nie. Bukan nya takde keje tapi keje da siap, sementara nk tggu keje baru, online sat. Haa, boleh gitu? Hihi

Seyes takde idea nak merepek psl ape. Tapi nak type jgk. Hmmm cite psl diri sendiri jelah. Senang.

Life : Pretty much the same as usual. But soon, very very soon there will be a very special event for me. *very excited for that. :D

Love : Very the lovey dovey with my loves one. Hehe. Still go out with my mom for shopping as always. Dinner with family. And date with my comot. we sees each other more frequently now, since he is here in shah alam office. hehe

Work : Same old same old routine. still have lots to learn. and it has been almost 1 year (11 months now) I really really cannot believe that I have come this far. I mean I mmg tak boleh tahan dengan environment sini. But setahun dah beb! Good Job Ana! :)

Emm tue je la kot. Will continue later! xoxo :)

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